26 April, 2009

Another Wee Wonderfuls Olive completed

Finally finished the dolly today - she just needed her bow attached but it's amazing how long something like that can take to get around to! Now I'm behind on the monkey but I have some stats to run for a paper tonight so I'm afraid I'm going to be more behind by the time I make it to bed!

Nicole's Olive

Today Olive is modeling a lovely pinafore made from Amy Butler's French Wallpaper fabric and a shirt made from Ginger Blossom by Sandi Henderson in Vintage Dot, as well as Lime Bouquet Toss for her sporty little bow*. She's undergone eye surgery to replace her original dark blue eyes the better to resemble her adoptive mummy Nicole.

As she sashays away, we see the sweet crossed straps of her pinafore and the splash of lime from her bow.

Nicole's Olive back

Bye bye Olive!

(One down, how many more projects to go?)

*Not sure of the shoe fabric, it was part of a scrap bag but I'm sure I've seen it somewhere so if anyone knows the pattern I'd love to give it credit!


  1. The pinafore looks great ! :-)

  2. Yes, very carefree and innocent I think ;) Thank goodness for Wee Wonderful clothing!



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