19 April, 2009

My day as a domestic goddess...

...was only moderately successful. Let's start with the success part, the Lamington cupcakes. So-called because like a real lamington they have chocolate icing and coconut sprinkled on top, but unlike them, these have a cakey interior which was very sweet and somehow wasn't quite right. Give me the real thing any day (homemade of course, the commercial ones can be quite heinous). Hazel did the coconut and the bowl licking.

Then we started on the jam. I decided to make blackberry apple because I hadn't picked quite enough blackberries off our bush before it stopped producing last week, plus I thought the apples might contribute more pectin for setting. Looks promising right?

And this was the result

Four jars of blackberry apple jam sauce. Sigh. I boiled and boiled and it just wouldn't set. I've been told that I might be able to reset it if I add some pectin, so I'll get some tomorrow and give it a go. The flavour wasn't as good as I'd be hoping for either, I think the recipe called for too much water during the boiling stage. Live and learn and it may yet come right! I did get the cellophane on marvellously though don't you think? And such a pretty colour. :)

Ok, back to Powerpoint and my lecture.
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