24 April, 2009

Help for a metrically-minded gal

A couple of weeks ago I posted a moan about how I couldn't get my machine to sew an accurate 1/4" seam because it was resolutely metric. I should have known there was an easy solution to this problem and there is! Ladies and Gentlemen (probably not but I'll be gender-neutral to be on the safe side) I give you the 1/4" Quilting Foot!

1/4" quilting foot, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

I haven't used it yet but I'm really very excited and wishing I'd come across the mention of this accessory in my sewing machine manual before I started Amy's quilt. It was a happy co-incidence that Spotlight was having a 20% off all sewing machine feet sale in which I planned to get a walking foot (and did) so I got out the manual to look up part numbers (pointless, they're different now anyways) and discovered that such a thing existed. I think it's what they call a Eureka! moment.

The really brilliant thing about it is that it has these lines front and back (marked with red arrows) that show you where to start and stop sewing to leave 1/4" unsewn at either end if you need to attach more blocks. I don't need it for this quilt, but it would be so handy to have for other projects.


  1. Wow I had always wondered what the horizontal marks on sewing machine feet were cool!!!

  2. I just found one of those feet for my machine too! Yay! Can't wait till it arrives.

  3. It's a great invention and so blindingly simple too - as most useful things are. None of my other feet have markings like that which now annoys me! I was going to drop you a line Natasha and let you know about it since you'd mentioned having the same issues - glad you're on to it already. :)



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