03 February, 2009

Back to school supplies

My supplies list came for the fabric printing class I'm doing next month.

*a selection of leaves, strong with well-marked veins
* recently photocopied designs in black and white
* 2 metres of white cotton fabric - washed and dried
* stamps (rubber type, not postage)
* 3 brushes, chunky flat shape between 5cm and 8cm
...and so on

I figured that I might as well make sure that my white cotton fabric was a decent quality in case anything I did with it was good enough to keep, which ruled out getting it at Spotlight. Their plain cottons are crap. Luckily Global Fabrics is having a huge sale right now and I don't really need much of an excuse to wallow in browse their lovely fabrics. To be honest I mostly just stay away from the place because it's too tempting and you never know what you'll find there on a given day! So 30% off fabric and 50% off knits is a decent sale and I found all sorts of great stuff! I only bought a small amount of it though :) From top: lovely fine white cotton - not too heavy, not too light, just right; pale blue Irish linen; heavy coarsely-woven cotton; and two knits of which you can see a peep of the pale grey. The last two are for me to make tshirts from when I finally break out the Sew-U stretch book and do something with it! The middle two fabrics are for potential projects I have in mind to either do in this class on the second 'individual project' day, or for later for Xmas presents.

The next step is to find some black and white designs. I'm assuming that we will be transferring them to the fabric somehow, I'm sure I've read about doing this. Not sure what kind of technique it is so I'm really at a loss as to what kinds of designs would be suitable. I suppose if I take a variety ranging from detailed to very simple I should be covered! The stamps though...I know Spotlight carries some but no doubt they are naff. There must be somewhere local though. I was looking at stencil suppliers earlier because the September issue of Martha Stewart Living has some lovely projects, but man they're expensive! I think I'll stick with the free ones she supplies :)


  1. Oooh, that's a lovely stash! But if I may ask - where's Global Fabrics?



  2. This probably doesn't happen very often, but I have to say that it's a fabric store here in New Zealand that you don't have in Oz! You have all the other good fabric stores but you don't have Global Fabrics :) For example I popped over to your LJ and there is no way there's anywhere here that sells great Japanese fabrics like that. Which is probably a good thing for my wallet... Global Fabrics sells odds 'n ends of high-end fabrics, like left-overs from designers and so on. It's the only place left in Auckland that has nice fabrics as compared to Spotlight's cheap and cheeful stuff. It's depressing the way good fabric stores have disappeared (other than quilting).



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