20 February, 2009

Not really needing an ark here but...

...Mum and Hazel decided the world needed saving from flooding and went out in the pouring rain to fix it.

They're predicting up to 80mm from last night through today which is a fair amount of water so perhaps their preventive actions will save us all yet.

I need to make a little present for my friend and fellow mum Steph for her birthday on Tuesday but have no idea what would be quick and fun for her to get. Any ideas? I was wondering about something out of a fat quarter a la Sew Mama Sew, or that clutch out of 'Bend the Rules Sewing' but I don't actually know her taste in fabrics. It's actually quite hard to choose things like that for people because fabric tastes are so personal and I get quite anxious that they won't like my taste. How do I conquer this fear (if you can call it that) that sometimes stops me making something for someone purely because I think they won't like it and I can't bear to put myself on the line like that? The rational side of me knows this is silly but...


  1. bare legs in cold rain ewww. ;)

  2. Oh not cold, not cold at all! It must be at least 25C or so at the moment! It feels totally tropical even without the palm trees.

  3. Your taste is fabulous so whatever you make it will be nice. If I had ever got my but in gear and found that pattern for the tea cozy you could have made that for her. Assuming that she drinks tea.
    I could write you the instructions and I am sure you could wing it considering your level of sewing. I suppose I could scan it as well if my old scanner still works. Let me know.Oops I realized that yesterday was her birthday so I guess I am too late what did you make?

  4. Too late for the comment to help a la birthday sewing, but gift sewing in general can be fraught with hazards. However, if you know that someone likes to wear a certain type of color/pattern that might clue you into what fabrics they might enjoy/like. My sister made me a runway purse from an Amy Butler pattern using a very bright yellow and citrus toned fabrics (not normally what I would wear though I love bright colors) and it has become my bag for embrodiery projects and everytime I use it I think about how much I love my sister for making it for me. So even if the fabrics not their fave' they will still know you care whenever they see what you've made them.



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