16 February, 2009

Not much happening here

My parents are back for a couple weeks before the leave for Canada, so I've lost regular access to the internet because Mat can't remember the password for the wireless modem to add this laptop. The only cable connection is in the spare room - how inconvenient. I'm in the midst of panicked thesis corrections to get them done in time to apply to graduate in May, so not much going on other than that. I did try out an idea I read in a magazine last week though, for tarting up plain old plastic bottles you want to decant shampoo etc. into. I was having a crisis of too many huge bottles and things wouldn't fit so I was keen to try it out.

Essentially you tape on some nice paper and then cover it with clear contact film like you put onto textbooks etc. I used some old paper I had sitting around and they look much nicer than the unadorned bottles. I covered more of the bottle than the examples in the magazine, which had a thinner strip of paper and now I know why (I think!). These are pristine, never been showered bottles, however squeezing them and having them sit in water allows it to wick up onto the paper if you've got it as low as I have. The one on the right is all soggy and wrinkled under the film now. So I think I'll have to redo it with less paper and the film well above the splash line. And different papers - funny how your tastes move on - I loved these about 3 or 4 years ago but I'm sort of 'meh' about the two on the left now.

Oh, and Heather, please email me about the stash bundle I have for you!


  1. the one on the right? thats the velum paper i was talking about in my last comment - i had fabric very similar to that on a cushion cover, and that paper is the one you used for Counting the Beat cd you sent to me :)

  2. Ah! I did wonder when I hauled all of those papers out to find some that would fit. I still like that colour combo too so I'm ticked it's the one that's gone soggy!

  3. they look very cute - much better than lots of different bottles in the shower.

  4. That's adorable! My shower is crammed with a bunch of mismash bottles :))



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