05 February, 2009

Wash your hands!

What's the phrase I hear most these days? "Mummy I love you"? "No!" Nope, it's "...and do I have to wash my hands? With soap?" Yay for toilet training, yay for being independent, but what is with this obsession about whether she has to wash her hands or not. It's like she has to test the boundaries every time and she's not usually a boundary-pushing little girl. What a rebel. :)

I didn't manage to get any actual embroidery done last night for a few reasons:
  1. lighting is all important with this kind of stuff and severely lacking in the living room at night (see, horrible horrible living room!). I need to get a bedside lamp or something set up in there.
  2. Getting the fabric back into the hoop so that the circles are round is difficult! It all came back to me as a tugged and pulled and swore under my breath.
  3. I can't just listen to Heroes and work because I don't speak Japanese and need to read the subtitles for Hiro and Ando.
Mat says that Lost is back in a couple of weeks at the same time as Heroes. How stupid is that - the audience is clearly going to overlap in a big way, why put them in direct competition? Why did my VCR break down last month? That's the only reason I actually care, otherwise I'd just tape one. Oh to have MySky or similar... I'm loathe to get another VCR, even secondhand, because it's outdated technology!

1 comment:

  1. My neighbor has Tivo (is that like MySky?) - she records Lost, puts it on a DVD, and takes it to our house for group watching. Love it.

    BTW - I've heard the new season is full of more answers and fewer questions, but I have not experienced this yet.



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