04 February, 2009

Hidden treasures

I was rummaging around trying to find these Danish cross stitch patterns I have and I found this partially completed tablecloth. It's been a project in progress for at least...7 years? I used to subscribe to Marie Claire Idées (man I loved that magazine, why did I stop subscribing?) and this table cloth was in there. It's a pretty big project, very detailed embroidery but such a lovely effect!

This is where I stopped last time

Tablecloth in progress

There are 10(?) circles scattered singly and in groups across the tablecloth.

Tablecloth in progress

There is something about patterns, or drawings, or paintings that escape their boundaries that I adore! Especially when it's branches or flowers, it just gives a really neat naturalistic feel - or something. I can't quite quantify why I feel that way but it always gives me a thrill! I can't quite decide which circle I like best, but this one is definitely a contender.

Tablecloth in progress

I've decided that it's time to get going on it again, for those times when I want to veg and watch tv and still be productive. Can you veg and be productive at the same time? So tonight is Heroes and that seems like the perfect excuse to get started. No doubt it will take me the full hour to sort out what floss I need and what I was doing 3 years ago when I stopped, and get it folded up and tidy to start going.


  1. Oh wow! I am in a hurry but will come back to this to look more closely. It's incredible!

  2. it mind boggles me how anyone can do so many tiny stitches and make them all so neat and in the right direction and such.

  3. I would love to try something like this. You've seen the only cross stitch I can do - do you think any of that can translate to this kind of work?

    Well, I really need to finish that counted cross-stitch gift to Finn's piano teacher, but when I do I would love your tutoring.



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