07 February, 2009

Give away!

ETA: Thanks for all the entries and for a glimpse into where people live - I've drawn the winners and have posted them above. I enjoyed it so much please stay tuned for more in the near future!

Ok, here we go...

I've got two lots this time around - pink and green (if you click on the picture you'll get a much larger image)

Pink - Two Amy Butler and an unknown. There will definitely be fat quarters of the Coriander and the unknown, and I'm pretty sure of the French Wallpaper as well but I need to measure that up still.

Green - A Japanese print and three Amy Butlers. There will be fat quarters of the left and right ones, the two middles are scraps - from selvedge to selvedge and about 24cm (9 1/2") for the Tree Peony (actually it's like an L with an extra bit going down the selvedge) and a 23x70cm (9x27 1/2") section for the Martini pattern. Sorry that's not a bigger bit!

I'm not exactly sure how many people actually read this blog so I'll leave it open for a few days. Just leave a comment below telling me where you're from (just because I'm curious!) and which bundle you'd like to enter for, or both (although you can only win one just to be fair). On Friday 13th (ooo scary!) morning, NZ time, I'll see if I can wangle a random number generator and post up the winner. And of course I'll ship internationally because let's be honest here, 99.9% of the world is international when you live in NZ. :)


  1. Your stash giveaway fabrics are all lovely but I am partial to the pink.

    Thanks for sharing, you are so kind.

    I live in Niagara Falls, NY USA on an island just 4 miles upstream of the Falls themselves and it is quite liovely here (even if winter will never end)

    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  2. Oh what a gorgeous giveaway, my daughter is saying enter the pink one, my son is saying go for the green... to keep them both happy can you please enter me in both ;)

    I live in Tasmania, Australia, way down the bottom about 15 minutes out of the capital city. I only found your blog this week and it's lovely.

  3. How to choose?! It's just plain too hard so if I manage to win, then I would be happy with either the pink or the green :)

    I'm from Melbourne, Australia, so not so far away from you! I holidayed in Christchurch a few years ago and I loved it, so I hope to be back to NZ soon!



  4. i dont sew but if i did, teh green leaves on the far left pique my interest :)

    i'll leave it to someone else though.

  5. Hey! I'm reading ;)

    In NZ

    And luuurve the greeny/blues

  6. Oooh I think I like the pink more but it is a very tough choice. To be honest I would love to win either.

    I live in Berlin, Germany. But I am English and my husband Chilean. So we are a bit of a mix! Both our daughters were born here in Germany!

    I found your blog through my giveaway. The International Stash Giveaway was such fun and I am very happy to have found your blog!

  7. Hi! Great blog...have a 6month old daughter and with all my new found time I've taken to a bit of sewing on the ol' Husqvarna.
    Would love to be entered in the draw for the green pack. Would make some darling little dresses for my girl.


  8. What a lovely giveaway, thanks for sharing! I live in Ontario Canada. I see you were from Edmonton AB. We are getting LOTS of snow this year. The past week is the first it hasn't snowed since last November. Your blog is lovely and I'll be back to check and see what goodies you are making. I'm lovin' the pink, oh the green, the pink...can't decide. Have a great day! Heather

  9. Love the fabric and your blog! I live just outside of Jackson, MS. Anyway, I would like to be entered for either.

  10. Those are all beautiful fabrics! I would like to be entered for both. Oh, I live in Bothell, Washington State, USA (just outside of Seattle).

  11. Oh, man, am I too late? Anyway, I love the green set. And I'm from Pocatello, Idaho, USA, aka Potato capital of the U.S. haha.

  12. What pretty fabrics, the green are my favorite. I found you through Sew Mama Sew.
    I live in Bountiful, Utah, USA

  13. I would love to win the pink. Such a nice give-away. I live in Eudora, Kansas.



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