30 December, 2008


Accompanied with wild flapping of arms. I picked up the new copy of the Community Education brochure for out west and found this course running over a weekend:

Textile design with mixed media

Become your own designer and learn different methods of applying textile paints to fabrics. Covers textures, stamps and transfers to produce artwork or fabric lengths. Spend the first day playing and the second day design and create a finished article.

I bought Lotta Jansdotter's* book Lotta Prints** when I visited my friend Shelly in Harper's Ferry this summer, and I've got my eye on Lena Corwin's Printing by Hand so this course couldn't be better timed. I'm a bit worried that it will be geared toward production of totally naff 'crafty' nana items like you see at those dreadful craft fairs (like this term "texture" - that scares me), but I guess it doesn't really matter if I can keep my eyes averted and on the prize of some really cool fabrics to make bags or pillows out of. I'm thinking about adapting some Gerda Bengtsson wildflower designs.

I have this kit pattern left from years ago when my mum brought it back from a trip to Sweden - something similar would look fabulous in a sort of profile style I think.

It's one of my big vacation regrets that I didn't grab that second book when I got the first but I was being budget-conscious at the time. It'll cost me extra in the long-run now! Will I ever learn about buying things while overseas? Nope, even though I remember those shoes I didn't get in Venice 16 years later :P And there's those window films I should have got two of when I was in Sweden, and that candlestick and...ok so maybe this is the story of my life! :D Of course now pretty much everything is available on the internet but at about twice the cost when you factor in shipping to NZ.

*Do Icelandic people have the coolest last names? I say they do.
** They don't, however, have the coolest book titles


  1. I thought this was a stitching pattern? I'd be happy to grab that second book for you and ship it cheap. :)

  2. Really? Wow! I shall email you presently :)

    It IS a cross stitch pattern, but it would be easy enough to either trace it or just take inspiration from the placement of the plants. This kind of silhouette thing is very popular at the moment as you would know owning a fabulous bag with fabric like that!



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