14 December, 2008

Yay progress!

Despite the late night last night (or this morning) made it through the day ok and find myself finishing up for the night just before 11pm. I washed and ironed the cot quilt and will take photos tomorrow, and just finished up the little box pouch for Mum. It's very cute although has an annoying tendency to squash up and not return to shape when you pinch it to open or close the zipper. I used iron-on interfacing to stiffen the cotton a little and I suspect that was a mistake as it already looks like it might be separating a bit and has that funny wrinkly look to it. Perhaps a heavier fabric might retain shape better without the stiffness. I like the pattern though, it's infinitely adaptable and you could have a lot of fun with it. Mat's put in an order for a really long one to put his photo scales in, although he wants all sorts of fancy additions, including weights to stop it blowing away. Will have to ponder this a bit I think!

Tomorrow is massive running around trying to get presents for the in-laws wrapped and boxed to send down to Marton for Xmas since we're not there until mid-January. I'm nervous about the postage!
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