28 December, 2008

Everyday sewing

It's all very well posting pictures of glorious creations but to be honest the real meat and potatoes sewing is putting buttons back on, fixing dropped hems, darning and most importantly, taking up hems on Mat's new pants. Today I fixed the elastic strap that holds Hazel's new jandals* on her little three year old feet (like training wheels really). Not only were they too loose to be any good, but on one strap the elastic is perishing. That really ticks me off - not so much that I'll take it back or anything, but just because it's shoddy and shoddy annoys me. I'm sure she'll have it off soon enough anyways, she just needs to get used to the feel of them. I told her that jandals were her birthright today and she needed to get to the point where she could run in them before she could be considered a true Kiwi. I don't think she needs to be able to tramp in them or swim, but running definitely. I don't have to be able to do that because I'm just a blow-in :)

*otherwise known as flip-flops or thongs

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  1. i remember my mom darning my dad's socks with an egg inside ;) I didnt know people still did that.



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