01 January, 2009

Going on holiday

Not me, yet, but Hazel's toys. We decided to try rotating them, so this afternoon we sat down and put them into two piles "staying" and "going on holiday". She had a great time, me? not so much. I just get SO invested in stuffed toys, and have ever since I was little with my own collection. It's especially bad when the toys I've made her end up in the "holiday" pile. I have to bite my tongue and tell myself that it's only for a month! So up into the attic go

Hazel's bunny

Olive and Archie
A Wonderful trio


and pink monster who appears to be photo-less!

It would be nice not to get so darned emotionally tied up in these creations and to feel sort of slighted when they're not loved as much as a cheap-ass bunny named Foofoo who was bought on a whim from a department store. I love Foofoo because she does, but you know?


  1. You have to be kidding she picked all of those! Sheesh....Kids.
    I am sure she will cherish them when she's older.

  2. i wish my nephew would put some of his toys on holiday!

    and i still cant believe you/people can sew such amazing things!



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