23 January, 2009

The best kind of recycling

Is where you end up with something really great for free! Hazel and I walked over to the library this afternoon and passed this old chair on the side of the road. I told her if it was still there when we came back we'd take it home, and it was, so we did.

Roadside find

We need an extra chair for the kitchen and although this isn't quite the same as the old chairs we have it's actually the same height and the fact the back is a bit lower doesn't matter. I'm in the process of getting myself organised to redo those as well as they're in pretty much the same state, so adding another won't make much difference! They all need to be stripped, our chairs need to be glued and clamped, and then repainted. We had great plans to strip and refinish them because they're oak, but they've been stained black at some point, then painted over, they've had holes drilled and nails put in and it's really not worth it. So I'll repaint them and put in new seats with great fabric and they'll be far nicer than anything else in our horrible kitchen! Can't wait - it's my project for the rest of this summer.


  1. Oh i am a sucker for old chairs!! i have a few around my house too..but tend to leave them as is!
    And that would be cool if you added me to your blog!

  2. There's something about old chairs that's for sure, although the state I find them in usually means something has to be done to them! Like the old Morris chair my in-laws had that was stored on top of the lambing box on the farm. This one would be sittable-on but the plywood seat is delaminating and has to go! Besides, I have to admit that the idea of smooth white paint gets me all excited (in a good and legal kind of way).

  3. What a great find! I love its friendly blue seat!



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