09 January, 2009

The Christmas nightie resized

Well it's meant to be a nightie, although Mat thinks it looks more like a sundress. I guess I think of it as a nightie because they can be all matchy-matchy and slightly twee - in fact it's kind of de rigeur isn't it? Normally I have an abhorrence of those kinds of clothes so it's actually nice to allow myself to make something like that! Actually I'm not sure on the matchy-matchy front, it's actually a LOT harder to match fabrics in an artless, just-threw-it-together kind of way than I would ever have suspected. I respect people who can a lot more now! Amy Butler for example. I'm actually quite conventional in my choices I've found - I love that wacky completely mis-matched but that actually goes together beautifully look, but somehow when it comes to actually making that choice I get scared and go with the obvious. Some people get it absolutely wrong I must say; I'm not one of those, but I lack the "wow" factor. That's ok, I can admire wow in others :)

Christmas nightie

Despite both fabrics being from the same designer (Sandi Henderson) and both with 'lime' in the title (Lime Bouquet Toss and Lime Vintage Dots) I'm not sure the lime is actually the same! Or maybe it's the white surrounding the dots that makes it look paler.


The bunny is from the Print A Day download I posted about last month.


  1. dont hit me but i thought it was a sun dress too :)

  2. LOL yeah, it's totally all in my mind why it's a nightie! I've convinced Hazel though, that's what really matters :)

  3. Ooooohhh that's so cute! I love how the bunny turned out.

  4. That dress and doll are adorable, I love it.

  5. You described just how I feel about getting prints together. I love some of the mismatched outfits that others come up with that seem to pull together so well. When I look for something, I wind up going the safe route and the contrast is hardly contrasting! I think I may have managed to get it with a skirt I am making my daughter. It felt like I was stepping way out of my safe zone putting the fabrics together, though!

    And your little nightie did turn out so cute. Love the pocket bunny!

  6. this turned out amazing! i'm so sad i missed the download, but will keep my eye out for more from her!

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments, I'm really pleased the ensemble appeals to others as well as me!



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