24 January, 2009

A bad habit reinforced

I have such a hard time getting rid of scraps, there's this little voice in my head that says "but you might need it sometime!" and so I bundle up bigger bits and smaller bits and squirrel them away for a hard winter. I'm sure this is an inheritance from my maternal Grandmother and her living through the Depression. Well it sounds better to say that than to say I have a slight problem doesn't it?

From Hazelnuts

While we were away at the in-laws Hazel's monkey Scopes lost an ear and I blithely promised that we could get another from Santa's elves (Scopes was in her stocking). We composed an email this afternoon and sent it off, asking for another asap and she went to bed, confident that the elves would being stopping by tonight. So when I went to get the fleece to make the ear - there was none! (I had to shorten the tail a bit and use that scrap) I'd been super super ruthless this Xmas and biffed all the scrappy bits of that particular colour. Why? Why go against my basic instinct like that? I can assure you it will never happen again - never! I will end up an old lady with a lot of cats and newspapers and dammit it will be justified.

Out of curiosity, I have to ask - if I said that the reason the monkey is named Scopes is because he was my first (trial) from that pattern, would you get it?


  1. I got it before you pointed it out - go me!

  2. Fill me in please my brain doesn't work so well these days

  3. Mine either but I don't have a real excuse for it. The Scopes Monkey Trial is a very famous evolution vs. religion in schools trial in the States in the 1920s that essentially meant that evolution could be taught in schools. Mat wondered if anyone else had 'got' the joke with the stuffed monkey's name and thought it was too esoteric. Personally it was a joke for me (I still giggle over my cleverness) but I suppose a shared joke is funnier?



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