03 January, 2009


Awhile ago someone on a blog somewhere posted some pictures from Quilt Fair (I think, it's all so hazy) and one of the things they posted was a 'cheater quilt', which wasn't something I'd really heard of. Well I suppose I had because I've seen the panels for things like that at Spotlight but I thought they were pretty tacky and never in a million years would I want something like that! But the one in this picture was neat and I was all "oooo, what a great way to get a nice quilt with all the fabric sorted and ready to go, especially for a beginner!". The fabric line wasn't out yet so I pretty much forgot about it until today when True Up posted some highlights of the year and this cheater quilt (which I'm pretty sure is the same one from before) was one.

I'm slightly less enamoured of it now than I was before, it seems a bit busy or something, but I still like it a lot. It's from Denyse Schmidt's Country Fair line The idea of a cheater quilt still really appeals to me, although I think ones like this are few and far between - most seem to be of the more traditional type. So maybe this one, maybe another, but the idea is firmly there in my head because I think I'd need to take a course on how to cut and piece a quilt, and figure out how much fabric and all that, but I can quilt by hand already.


  1. So what is a cheater quilt?

    My mom has been planning on making a simple quilt for me using old t-shirts for ages and would love any cheating tips out there.

  2. A cheater quilt has the fabric squares printed on to the fabric already, so all you have to do is do the actual quilting and don't have to sew all the strips together. Massive time-saving! Unfortunately that doesn't really help your mum with the tshirt quilt - which sounds really interesting but darned hard with the stretchy material! You can see the unquilted fabric for the quilt above here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=12700880

  3. Mom bought some kind of material with a sticky side, so she's sticking the cut-out pieces of the shirt to this backing first, then quilting it all onto other material. Or something. Problem is she isn't really interested in sewing and is doing this more as a favor, so I have a feeling it will be not so awesome. That's what I get for asking though. ;)

  4. A cheater way to get cheater quilt fabric is.... to design your own! And then upload it to Spoonflower and have them print it and ship it to you - then you can make sure you get one that isn't tacky or cheesy, that's not too busy, and is in your favourite colours!

    I wish I could claim ownership to this idea but alas, I cannot. I got the idea for a make-your-own-cheater from Angry Chicken here: http://angrychicken.typepad.com/angry_chicken/2008/09/a-whole-cloth-q.html





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