02 January, 2009

Still sharp...

When I was back home in Edmonton in August I paid a visit to the best hardware/gardening/craft shop, Lee Valley Tools, with my friend Jess. As we wandered around saying "look at this!" and "ohhh I'd love that" I noticed in passing this seam ripper kit which duly arrived as a Christmas present. At the time I think I commented to Jess that they looked pretty deadly - which may have been part of the attraction! How to add spice and excitement to your sewing experience! Live dangerously! I finally put the blades on this morning to unpick Hazel's nightie which is miles too big and needs resizing.

I should have taken a picture of putting on the blades because if you've ever used scalpels and put on blades you'll recognise both the way these blades are packaged and also the way the handles work and realise that we're talking serious sharpness here.

Using them requires a slightly different technique than the standard unripper but nothing too strange.

This section went really fast! The only thing it's not good at is ripping out top stitching where you can't pull the two sides apart and put some tension on the stitching, but I've got the old unripper for that kind of thing. It will take a bit of getting used to but I think they'll be worth it. Thanks Jess!


  1. Great photos makes them look really nice. I might have to get a set not because I sew a lot but because they are cool

  2. those things look pretty deadly, and deadly pretty. :)



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