03 January, 2009


I really should be doing my thesis corrections, it's stupid not to be but a couple things get in the way. No three!

1) I find it very hard to care about it anymore, I've spent too much time on it and I'm so over it.

2) I was given an examiner's report to do them from rather than a second-hand list of corrections (don't get me started on why!) and it's hard reading, makes me mad and resentful, and feel sort of rebellious like "stuff you, I'm not doing this!" which is so childish and pointless I know but I can't help it!

3) I'd rather be sewing something nice for me, or doing the alterations to Hazel's nightie or putting the velcro on to her house. I'd rather be getting stuck in to finally and at long last redoing the kitchen chairs, or learning how to sew a tshirt.

So what do I do instead? Pfaff around on the internets and not get anything done. Oh, and the dishes need doing and the living room's a bomb-site.



  1. I know you absolutely don't want anyone to remind you of this, but I'm going to anyway, lol... The sooner you do it, the sooner it's done. AND every day you put it off is another day it plays on the back of your mind. :D Luff you!

    What is your thesis on?

    xxx Lou

  2. It does need to be said doesn't it :) I have spent a productive (though annoyed and resentful) morning going through the examiner's report, swearing at it occasionally, and doing the corrections and I feel much better for it. The thesis was on prehistoric diet in the Cook Islands, specifically Aitutaki and looking at changes in diet over time, decline in fishing and so on. I'm sure in a few years I'll find it fascinating again!

  3. i so can commiserate with you! i was like that at work - not wanting to knuckle under so didnt do anything constructive at all. i can fully understand you saying you are so over it though. i mean, its taken what.... 5 yrs of your life already? ugh.

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