19 January, 2009

From the Age of Macramé

Remember those owl wallhangings with big wooden beads for eyes? Or the potplant holder you could put your enormous Boston Fern in? Then this will strike a chord with you. The other day Janne over at What's Blogging my View posted about those delightful dolls with crocheted skirts that people used to cover their spare toilet paper roll with. Ah such happy memories of childhood! Along with those, crocheted poodles were very big in my neck of the woods (early 1970s western Canada, renowned for decorating nous). Anyways, while we were at my inlaws what did I discover lurking in the downstairs toilet?

A little worn, a little floppy, but boy that acrylic yarn sure has staying power. I was going to try and photograph it (surreptitiously) in some outdoorsy setting, but Mat insisted that it had to be photographed "in its natural habitat" so here it is, sitting on an almost retro cistern. Hazel fell in love with it and wants one but childhood memories and kitschy retro irony only go so far and I regretfully declined her suggestion it come home and live with us. It will give her another reason to want to visit Gran and Grandad.


  1. oh! thank goodness you arent going to make one of these :)))

  2. Well I wasn't (mainly because I can't crochet) but since you're clearly angling for one for your birthday then...oh wait, you said "aren't" not "are". Oh well then, I guess you won't get one after all! ;)

    Bet that scared you for a second. :))

  3. Oh I have a similar creation upon our toilet, except its a cupcake! Picked it up at Kraftbomb!

  4. It's good to know the skill is still out there :) We couldn't actually fit one on our cistern, it's too small - the price we pay for progress I guess.

  5. It's definitely a grandparent's object :-) Thanks for the mention!



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