07 May, 2009

Wee Wonderfuls package

Wonderful package, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

These two toys are off to Edmonton tomorrow if I can get my act together. I think I'm about two weeks behind schedule with them, and that despite promising Nicole, a five year old child, that I'd be done. If I can disappoint a young girl I think I'm a pretty hardened procrastinator. The monkey is for her younger sister Danielle. This photo doesn't show his lovely, possibly even magnificent, tail, but you can see them here on a couple of others that I've made.

I've also got a graduation photo to share


Sadly, despite the care I put into my choice of shoes they don't show up in many of the photos, and certainly in nothing that I'd consider showing to anyone else! I don't consider myself photogenic at all to be honest, so it's a wonder I'm putting this up at all. I went to a seminar this afternoon and there were lots of studio photos of old archaeologists and to a man (no women) they were posed and serious-looking. Why won't people let you be serious-looking these days? Everyone's all "smile!" and if you don't produce a real grin they harass you until you do. I like looking serious, I look better serious in photos, why can't I be serious? When I smile my eyes squinch up and my nose looks really wide. People like me should be allowed to be all serious and intense-looking in photos, you know, like we've got deep and meaningful goings-on inside our brains. Even if we don't.


  1. You look great! Many, many congratulations :)

    (And that monkey is too damn cute!)

  2. Wow, look at you! I think you look very dignified and gorgeous!




  3. Awesome!! I am so excited to get the package. I need to get my butt in gear on things for Hazel.

  4. Congratulations Jacqui!! Wow what a lot of work and now you're done - what an accomplishment!

    Love the stuffies - you are so talented. Chic will LOVE them!



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