25 May, 2009

Chibi rabbit and kitty

Part of the reason I was so quiet the last few days was a flurry of birthday activity - 'tis the season for us with all of Hazel's cohort approaching their fourth birthdays and their siblings having first birthdays. The first cab off the rank was Alexander with his crown. Next was Boo who was having her third birthday yesterday. Unfortunately Hazel ended up with a rather high fever Saturday night and couldn't go - but the Chibi Bunny and Kitty I made for her did. I also made a pair for Hazel - I bunny in bulk! I've been wanting to make the My Little Mochi Chibi Kitty and Rabbit pattern for ages, so this was the perfect excuse. Hazel picked all the fabrics and decided which went with which. I honestly think I couldn't have done better. Personally I wouldn't have chosen the cherries fabric to go with the white but it works really well, and goes perfectly with the brown fabrics of the kitty.

Chibi rabbits and kitty

They end up looking quite different as the bunnies have their ears pulled in a lot more than the kitties

Chibi kitty

The light was so bright behind them yesterday morning you can see the clipping around the bunny ears! I hate clipping curves So. Much. but really, how else can you get a good curve? I'm always surprised by how many patterns don't do this step and to my mind it makes all the difference in the final appearance of the toy. Although I obviously didn't need to clip as much as I did for these ears, I tend to be a bit OCD with that kind of thing!

Chibi rabbit


  1. Those are sooooo cute!!!
    Hey any chance you might want some vintage fabric from my Mom's? I suppose it would depend on what it looked like but I am trying to find homes for some of the stuff that I think is neat but really have no use for.

  2. Definitely interested - could you take a photo?

  3. These guys are too cute! Another pattern to add to my long to-do list.

    These guys would make fantastic heat bags too I think. Snuggling into a warm bunny or kitty - perfect.



  4. Those are sooo cute, they make me smile just looking at them.



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