24 May, 2009

I'm a winner!

But of course you already knew that didn't you ;) All lolz aside, I actually won something in an online give-away! I recently found a fun blog called Savvycat and along with neat stuff you can buy your cat (Kitty Xmas present ideas anyone?) and frankly hilarious cat-themed videos, they were having a giveaway for Australian and New Zealand residents. I mean hey, that happens so rarely in the bloggosphere that I was practically required to enter. Actually no required at all, I couldn't put my name in fast enough! It's a 4"x6" Nut and Bee print called 'Magnolia Snooze'

There were three to choose from in the giveaway and Hazel liked this one the best. I'm glad she had a preference because I'm not sure I could have picked my favourite so quickly :)

In honour of winning a kitty cat print from a kitty cat site - here's my fur-kid, Lucy.


  1. I love nut and bee! I have the jingly-jangly letter set and a few magnets for the fridge - sooooo cute!!!!

    cool that you won!



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