09 July, 2013

Mug cozies

I bought these lovely mugs from Porcelain Rove at the Auckland Art & Craft Fair a couple weekends ago and was so enthused about them that I fell into the same trap as I did in Sweden and didn't notice the lack of handles. Some sort of cosy was clearly called for! I didn't want to sew one as I thought it would obscure the applied patterns so I decided to crochet them. I tried two fan patterns and although both are nice I think I like the green one best. The white just doesn't show the pattern as well. They should work just fine for drinking tea though!

crochet mug cozies

05 July, 2013

Bee blocks

Only a week until I head off to Canada for a month! Can't wait. :) Before I go I'm hoping to get my scrappy trip around the world quilt done up for an exhibition the Monday Modern group is having in September. I need to find some time without Ollie around so I can get it all laid out and basted. However, that's time that's hard to come by! The thing about pugs is that they just want to be with you all. the. time. Allthetime. If he's not by my feet he's on them, or trying to be on them, or on my lap. I know they call some small dogs 'lap dogs' but they really aren't good on laps like cats are, Ollie is always slipping off or having trouble knowing where his legs and paws should go. Anyways, despite Ollie and packing I'm hopeful!

I had the last two bee blocks to finish up for the start of the month, I forgot to take photos of Heather's but here is Stacey's. She just wanted us to do a 12 1/2" block for her, our choice, from the four fabrics she supplied. I decided to have a look through Modern Blocks (the 99 blocks one) to see if anything took my fancy and ended up doing 'Stuck in the Middle'. I really liked it, quick and effective.


I've never really seen the appeal of the cross-hatched fabrics, though I know they're popular, but in a block like this I can see their advantage, they really conceal the seams well, as did the yellow dots although they show more in the photo. I thought that made the block even more effective, as the shapes really do look like they're set into each other.


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