09 July, 2013

Mug cozies

I bought these lovely mugs from Porcelain Rove at the Auckland Art & Craft Fair a couple weekends ago and was so enthused about them that I fell into the same trap as I did in Sweden and didn't notice the lack of handles. Some sort of cosy was clearly called for! I didn't want to sew one as I thought it would obscure the applied patterns so I decided to crochet them. I tried two fan patterns and although both are nice I think I like the green one best. The white just doesn't show the pattern as well. They should work just fine for drinking tea though!

crochet mug cozies


  1. These are so lovely. I agree with you about the green being easier to see the pattern. Isn't it funny how some yarn is better for some things than others.

    I've had mug cosies on my mind lately - but we haven't got to making them yet. ... Maybe before Winter is over??

  2. The mugs are gorgeous! and love both but the green one in its simplicity is my fav :)



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