13 August, 2013


So I did have good intentions of blogging while away, and the app was there on my phone, but nope I was having too much fun! We crammed quite a bit into a month including camping and two trips to the mountains. Hazel had two extra weeks off school in addition to the two weeks term break, so I felt I had to make things at least mildly educational.

A rock circle we built in the Pembina River (engineering, hydrology, public art)
The rock circle I helped @the_naughty_pug and  @jessicat818 and her kids make. Girl power! We were quite proud of ourselves. #pembinariver #alberta #canada #circle #rocks #river

The girls playing down by the river near the campsite (engineering, environment)Some of my favourite people #pembinariver

On the train to Jasper with Jess and the girls. Instant noodles for breakfast after a 6am start - class all the way! (transport, nutrition, cultural differences)
On the train to Jasper with @the_naughty_pug and @jessicat818 's kids.

Inukshuk at Angel Glacier pond (it was tiny, about 15cm high tops). I have totally fallen in love with inukshuks and plan to make a big one asap (cultural heritage, climate change, environment, engineering)Inukshuk at Angel Glacier pond. There were heaps of them but this one was tiny and perfect. #inukshuk #angelglacier #mtedithcavell #jasper #glacier #canada #rocks

We picked lots of raspberries in the garden (food, sustainable living, foraging, eating what you grew)
Summer days and fresh raspberries (taken with the big Canon) #raspberries #summer #berries #red #edmonton #canada #hazelnutsonholiday

Visited the Tyrell Museum (dinosaurs! evolution, fossils, teeth, general coolness)Teeth #tyrannosaurusrex #tyrellmuseum #trex #dinosaur #fossil #teeth

Admired the prairies...  (landscape, crops, transport, spending hours in a car and not driving your family crazy) Little house on the prairie (going 110kph down the TransCanada) #alberta #prairie #sky #clouds #canola @mexturesapp #mexturesapp #jj_landscapes

 ...and the badlands... (landscape formation, not hiking before a violent thunder storm, how flash floods develop)Badlands at Dinosaur Provincial Park. Moments later it was bucketing down and we were drenched. #badlands #dinosaurprovincialpark #landscape #jj_landscapes #alberta #canada

...and the Rockies again up at Lake Louise (environment, finding the nicest hotel in the world, hiking without whining, putting up with a little discomfort without whining, how good it feels when you get there).View from Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse, Lake Louise. #plainofsixglaciers #rockymountains #lakelouise #banffnationalpark #alberta #canada #mountain 


It wasn't all education, nature and pretty photos though, I did get in some crochet! I'd taken a couple books to show my friend Jess who wanted to learn to crochet (which she did) and I was taken by a sudden desire to make a bunny that's in Simple Crochet by Sara Sinaguglia for her daughter Amy's birthday present in February. It was a little down to the wire but I got there the day before we left. I made things a lot harder for myself by deciding that the only wool in my mum's stash that would do for the stripes was this gorgeous marigold crepe stuff, but it was in quite short lengths for reasons I was never entirely sure of, so it had to be tied together and it made things a lot slower. The inside was a total mess of ends but as it turns out Jess likes sewing in ends and she volunteered to do it. I would have liked to have spent a bit more time on the face, especially the whiskers and mouth, but needs must and overall I'm pretty happy with it. Hope Amy is too!

Crocheted bunny


  1. Lovely pics. Super educational - as all travel is!

  2. Wow wow wow what a trip! amazing photo's! welcome back :)

  3. Love the photos from your holiday. Stunning.



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