25 August, 2013

Bathroom storage vessels

When I was in Edmonton my friend Jess and I ordered some Knitpicks wool. I'd never heard of them before, and as it turns out they don't ship outside of North America anyways (in this day and age? Seriously?), but they really do have a wonderful range of colours, particularly in cottons. I ordered a ball each of a range of colours, including their Cotlin range, which is a blend of cotton and linen and meant to be good for dishcloths etc. I always have good intentions of making such things but I think I must have a subconscious issue with the idea because somehow it never happens and now I've used most of it up making containers!

Bathroom containers

The pattern calls them bathroom storage vessels but I don't think I'll use them there, in fact I'm not entirely sure where I'll use them but they're fun anyways! I used the Cotlin doubled to give more body and they're certainly solid (though rather squishy despite that) but boy did it chew through the balls! I have no white left, and very little of any of the other colours either. Sheesh. The bowl is about 16cm wide and 9cm deep and the pot is 10cm by 14cm. I wish I'd done some more rows in the dark grey Wallaby to show it off better, it's my favourite of the whole lot. I have a ball of red left too, which would look great with the leftovers of the Wallaby, so maybe I'd better bite the bullet and do a dishcloth?


  1. They look awesome! shame about the shipping :( I made a basket the other day too - they are quite fun!

  2. I love the colours and they look like nice and sturdy. I'd worry about them getting damp/damaged in the bathroom - might look nice with little cacti or succulents in instead?

  3. Beautiful. Lovely subtle greys, and subtlety in the shapes too! Great images from NZ and Canada,

  4. Thanks Stella! I really enjoyed making them for the same reasons :)

  5. I agree, not exactly bathroom objects! To be honest I haven't found a use for them yet but they're looking decorative while I think something up!

  6. I think baskets and pots are kind of addictive, there is something so satisfying about going around and around it building up.



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