21 February, 2014

Valentine's part two

I mentioned last post that I had done a couple things for Valentine's, but I couldn't get a good photo of these until I took them down as they were strung across the kitchen window, which has to be the most challenging situation to photograph!


Last month Hazel had some friends over and we made salt-dough ornaments for them to decorate. The recipe made so many there was no way they could paint them all so I ended up painting a bunch of hearts, and then putting several topcoats of gloss Modge Podge on top. Pretty!

Hearts 2

My windowsill is back to normal now, but I quite liked it all girly. Not sure what Mat thought!


12 February, 2014


I'm not a fan of the commercialised entity that Valentine's Day has become but I couldn't resist making some decorations this year to satisfy the small part of my shrivelled heart that likes girly stuff in pretty colours.

A few months ago I pinned this image of crocheted hearts and it has been mildly popular.

The notifications of re-pins has been keeping it in my mind so I started out making a few of my own using a tutorial at Pepika. I used the cotton yarn I already had so I haven't managed to achieve the lovely sorbet colours of the original pin but I figure that it's a work in progress and I'd like to add a few more hearts every year, maybe in different shapes and sizes (very easy to do once you have the basic technique down).

❤️ crochet

Mat and Hazel thought they were quite amusing to watch being made from the top down because when they are half done, as Hazel so eloquently put it, "they look like bums!" They also look like Barbie bras when you first put the two tops together. However, when they are finished they are super-cute and a quick and very satisfying little project!


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