18 May, 2009

Marie Claire Idées and ice cream cones

I spent the morning on campus for the first time in awhile, feels odd to be back and not really belong anymore. My plan was to read recent journals and get all caught up on that, meet Lyn to drop off the pink bunny (she's also on campus) and then meet my friend Alice for lunch at one. Unfortunately most of the journals were off being bound so I stretched 'British Archaeology' out as long as I could, learning about skeletal evidence for conflict trauma in the Neolithic in the process - blunt force trauma to the skull anyone? After that I was forced down into town to Borders to look at magazines and craft books. To my delight I found a Marie Claire Idées so I snapped it up. I still love it although it continues to be a bit twee on occasion (click on photos for a larger version if you want to see the crafts closer up).

I really liked this bag - I can't crochet but I think felt flowers or yoyos would look equally good.

I also found the 'what to do with men's ties' amusing and I do quite like that hat

I also loved this kitchen shelving idea

Not sure how stable it would be but I guess if you screwed everything together top to bottom and then bolted it to the wall at the top?

Then I met up with Lyn and gave her the bunny and she gave me a wee giftie for Hazel - so really it felt like a top-secret clandestine craft exchange in the business building ;) The gift was a brooch

and I can assure you that Hazel feels well-compensated for letting the pink bunny go and she adores this icecream cone that Lyn made to say the least.

Her stuffed animals have been pouncing and eating it all evening, and it's been carried around constantly - can't wear it pinned on anything because then she can't see it. Fair enough actually, that's the drawback of brooches! I'm planning on making her a dark grey wool coat for winter and I think this would look adorable on that in a little cluster with a few little round badges like the ones from Nut and Bee. She might knock people over ded with teh cute though, I might have to reconsider on public safety grounds...

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  1. Hey There,

    That brooche is very cute but mostly because of Hazel's cuteness! I love that pattern for that coat - you have to make that. But you are right she will knock people out with her cuteness....



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