14 May, 2009

Happy Birthday to me bunny giveaway!

Pink felt bunny, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

I'm having a lovely day so far, despite the fact both Hazel and I have a cold.

To celebrate I'm giving away this wee felt bunny! They're multiplying like...rabbits around here as I work on refining the pattern and I'd like to send them to good homes.

Pink felt bunny

So let me know what your felt bunny adoption credentials are like in the comments and he might be hopping his way to you in a few days. I'll get Hazel to draw from the bowl on Sunday the 17th, NZ time. This little one is made from a wool blend felt and given the buttons and pompom tail I'd say it's for kids over 4 or adults only - no little babies!

Here it is with the originals that I'm working on replicating. The brown one was mine and the red my brother's and we've had them for as long as I can remember. Kind of showing their age huh? :) Hazel adores them though, and given that they're absolutely on their last legs I'm going to make a couple more to take the brunt of the loving.

Pink felt bunny

ETA: I do hope that people I know well will also enter if they want the bunny - just because I've met you in RL doesn't preclude you! Same for anyone on my list of gifty-goodness - which I haven't forgotten I assure you!

Hazel has decided the bunny's name is Cubby, personally I call him Beaker (Muppets reference there) ;)


  1. Happy Birthday!!

    Awww the bunnies are very sweet! You are such a good sewer.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! I love the bunnies!

  3. Aw, lookit those perfect stitches! And I love the pompom buttons :D

    PS: happy birthday!

  4. Okay I won't ask for one even though I want one considering all the talk of too much stuff you wouldn't send me one anyway :P
    They are lovely

  5. Send it here, I'll send you a pressie in return. I could give it to Lil's. Means I wouldn't have to make the one I owe her :-) I suck at making toys :-(

  6. Oh, geez, how rude was that? I didn't even wish you Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to Jacqui
    Happy birthday to you :-)

  7. Happy Birthday, Jacqui!! (It's still your birthday here in the UK, right?!)

    Knowing, as you do, my love of all things you create, you know I would make a very good bunny mummy, should the wee fella come my way :) Do consider this my "put my name in the hat!" plea ;-)

  8. Happy Birthday! Love the rabbits. I can see why they're multiplying!

  9. i love the ears on your brown bunny much nicer than your brothers red one :) -glad you chose that style to duplicate. the whiskers on your old one are quite nice too! gives him/her a whimsical sad quality i think.

    i would love a bunny - not pink though you know me lol. it would be a nice moving/house warming giftie.

  10. Happy birthday! And I'd love a bunny! :D

  11. Hi Jacqui! I was looking for more crafty local blogs... And I found you =) =). Unfortunately, something funny is going on with some of the photos (some refuse to download), and I can't enjoy your stamping photos =(. I'll come back tomorrow morning and try instead.
    Anyhoo, please toss my name into the hat for the wee bunny! And you found wool blend felt in Auckland? That's amazing as I have been breaking my neck trying to find them, and all I've found is 100% acrylic.
    And... Happy (belated) Birthday! =)

    Psstt: you're right, don't trust the weather at all! It rained on me today, even with the gorgeous sunny morning we had.

  12. I just found your blog through Google News -- they sent me the link because you used the keyword "embroidery" and all I can say is I love your bunny! You've done a terrific job recreating the older bunnies. (I have two old stuffed dogs that I had planned to make a pattern from but I haven't taken the leap yet.)



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