30 May, 2009

Note to self:

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway post two down from here :)

No, that's not my note to self, I know where that particular post is. No, the note is:

Dear Jacqui-of-a-month-ago,

When you are putting a quilt together and not following any set combinations of fabrics and you have to leave it for awhile please please please note down what you were planning on doing with the little piles of fabric you had sorted out, plus the squares that were still waiting on a third fabric to be added. You might think that you'll remember, or it'll be blindingly obvious to your future self, but I'm here to tell you that No. It. Won't. Your future self won't have a flippin' clue what you were thinking or where those missing third fabrics are or what they should be. She only vaguely remembers a sense of self-satisfaction that you'd settled all the fabric combinations and that it would look fabulous. Now she's afraid it won't ever live up to that vague feeling of greatness.

Yours truly,
Future Jacqui

p.s. can you also tidy up the sewing area, it's really messy now and if you'd just done it when you meant to I wouldn't be having space issues now.

A photo from happier days when I knew what I was doing (and the lighting was better)!
Amy's Quilt 2

1 comment:

  1. This gave me a much-needed giggle, thank you!

    I hope Future Jacqui can work it out or hey, maybe even evolve from the original concept into something even MORE awesome!





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