15 May, 2009

Give away confuzzle

I'm a bit unsure as to whether some people who has left a comment on the pink bunny actually want the bunny or are simply being nice. So if you do want the bunny, but you left a non-committal comment like "love the bunny!" can you comment again and say "Give Me The Bunny" - this will help stuffy, coughy old me put the right people in the draw. I'd hate to put someone in that didn't want to be there, or vice-versa.

Such a lovely day today - soft air, warm, beautiful fluffy white clouds in the sky - but I don't trust it. Don't trust it At. All. I'm sure a rain cloud is going to sneak up on my washing on the line any minute now. I'm watching, I'm vigilant, but those clouds are cunning like weasels.

And Happy Birthday to my mum! After I moved down here we discovered that we'd been born on the same day - she was born here on the 15th, I was born in Canada on the 14th - so if I phone her on her birthday here, it's my birthday there. Cool huh?
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