09 May, 2009

A beginner's exploration of the stamp carving world

I do have to laugh (at myself) for this resurgence of stamping enthusiasm, it's slightly embarrassing to have such obvious things out there in public. I feel like I should be asking if my butt looks big in this post, or maybe if my undies are showing ;)

Anyways, because Nikki asked about carving materials I thought I'd just share a few links from which I've gained most of my very limited stamping knowledge. Yes, I've carved ONE stamp and am now going to share my knowledge with you :) Basically there are two, Geninne's Art Blog and Two Cheese Please but of course there are lots of other resources out there, particularly if you live in the States where materials seem to be a lot more readily available. Gennine is a gold mine of information, she's very generous with her information! Particularly useful was her video of how to carve a stamp which gave me a good idea of how to hold the carving material and just general technique. Yesterday she posted about what she likes to carve and with what - and all of her posts about stamping techniques are found here.

Holly at Two Cheese Please is also a great resource, particularly for us Antipodeans, because I sense that getting the fancy-schmancy carving materials (other than old-fashioned lino) is probably the stumbling block down here - particularly in NZ. Not to mention she makes the cutest stamps evah! She's got a great list of where to buy things here, and sells beginner's sets on etsy here. (I think my fangirl underpants might be peeking out a bit here)

So there we go - the sum total of my stamp carving knowledge. I'll come back and add to it as I explore a bit more, buy a few more supplies etc.


  1. Oh my looking at the Two cheese please site makes me want to make stamps! I love some of her wrapped parcels with the stamped accents! You know I love stamping I always do it on my Christmas cards it's just not had made stamps which are so much cooler! You know I picked up a little set of carving knives at a thrift store thinking they might be valuable I doubt they are but I should send them to you because I can't see myself using them.If I locate them ( that will be alone will be a victory) I will photo them and see what you think.

  2. Oooh, stamp carving is fun. We do it for letterboxing. Thanks for the links--I hadn't seen these before.



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