09 May, 2009

Slightly more organised

I came across this post at Design Sponge back in March and knew I'd found the answer to this:

the top drawer of my desk. Now this drawer is full of wonderful and useful things (and about a million pens) but I spend a lot of time rifling through it muttering "I know it's in here". Thanks to Design Sponge it now looks like this:

I should totally enter it in some sort of before and after contest! I still have about a million pens (I'm not a pen thief honest!) but all of them work and they're separate from the pencils and markers. There are a couple of problems with the divider sizes, like I can't really access the back two easily, and there's nowhere for my rulers to go, but man it gives me a shock of pleasure and surprise every time I open it up! Plus I got rid of the child-proof catch on it which Hazel figured out long ago. I covered the cardboard with this very pretty paper a book came wrapped in from Borders. I need to go back and see if they sell it because it's heavier than printer paper and would be sturdy enough to do all sorts of fun things.

1 comment:

  1. Ok, now I am stalking your blog....you'll never get rid of me......

    I love projects like this. I like the paper you used to cover the divider- nice touch. It feels so good to be organized like this. And thanks for the link to Design Sponge.

    You do have a lot of pens. It is the opposite here we never can find one......

    Can't wait till your next post! Hope your weekend is going well!



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