20 May, 2009

Downloads from Indie Fixx

Downloads from Indie Fixx, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

I've really been enjoying the free downloads from Indie Fixx's 'Feed Your Soul' section. I don't like them all, in fact some are downright creepy and weird and not at all my taste, but there are some real gems in there and I've been printing out a few to put up in Hazel's room. Not sure whether I should be framing them or what, but yay it's great to have neat pictures! Check out the gallery and see if anything takes your fancy (free!).


  1. Cute pictures, and not overly girly :)

    Between these and those impossibly adorable buttons you posted a link for the other day (I want all of them, dammit!), I'm having trouble resisting....at least the pics are free!

  2. Jacqui, this site is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing girlfriend!!



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