28 May, 2010

Presents for Baby Benjamin

My nephew Benjamin arrived at the beginning of May, a very welcome addition to the family!  We're off to see him tomorrow (or the day after depending on how recovered from our colds Hazel and I am) and we'll come bearing gifts - handmade of course :)

Presents for baby Benjamin

The booties are the ones from Handmade Beginnings, the bunny is a Mooshie Belly Bunny from the Chez Beeper Bebe tutorial

Mooshy belly bunny

I loved making the little pompom tail, so cute!  Actually the whole bunny is madly cute, Hazel is dying for one of her own - in pink naturally, and even Mat's been spotted cuddling him.

Mooshy belly bunny back

The hat is from another Chez Beeper Bebe tutorial, this one's the Bat Baby hat and the tutorial comes with some wonderful little toys as well.  It's lined with the same sherpa as the slippers.

Bat baby hat

I'm off for the weekend but have some posts scheduled for while I'm away, and of course the drawing for the Handmade Beginnings book on Monday!


  1. Those baby gifts are adorable! Thanks for alerting me to Chez Beeper Bebe, I've booked marked them now and I'm going to be having a go with some of their tutorials myself!

  2. What an absolutely stunning gift Jacqui, that stripey fabric is so cool. Where on earth did you find that? Even though I only have a girl it would be good to have on hand for making presents ;) Thanks for the links to the tutorials as well, I have added them to my list LOL

  3. cute! cute! cute! baak, buk, buk, buk. I better think of someone having a baby to sew for right away. have a lovely weekend away. oh and I loved your questions with AMH too - really nicely thought out. thank you.

  4. Oh my, they are absolutely gorgeous!! I think I need to make a note of all these things, and work out how the hell to sew...:-)

  5. This is so cute and beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing
    enjoy your time off =)

  6. Gorgeous gifts for baby Benjamin. I'm sure they will be loved!

  7. Where are the shoes from? And now I NEED that bunny tutorial, off to check that one out.

  8. Well that's incentive to reproduce right there! :D

  9. I think you chose gorgeous fabric for these lovely gifts.

  10. I love Chez Beeper, she has the BEST tutorials and I've done heaps of them
    in the last year. The birthday favour bag ideas were also a huge hit in our

  11. Oh just have another baby. Go on, you know you want to.

  12. They were appreciated - Andrea knows how to compliment hand-made presents so
    will continue to have them foisted on her children (along with Hazel's

  13. Are you kidding? If you produce a sprog I'll make things for you!

  14. The fabric was from Spotlight about...4 years ago? It was just one of those
    random things when they happened to have really great fabric in the day I
    was there - and I never saw it again. I've often looked for something of
    that quality and stripyness but no luck. I got some great pink stripe at
    the same time which has run out now much to my disappointment. It's
    episodes like this which drive me to buy too much fabric just in case I
    might end up really loving it and wishing I'd bought more. :P

  15. Just doing my bit to keep the world's population up.



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