29 May, 2010

Bunny Nuggets!

My friend Jess is a mad-keen knitter and you may remember her from this gorgeous squirrel and other fabulous cardigans.  I'm always torturing her by sending her links to cool knitting patterns so she can add them to her endless 'to do' list (hey, what are friends for?) and awhile ago I sent her the link to the Bunny Nuggets one.  If you haven't seen it before then you're missing out - if you knit you probably need to make some, if you don't then read the instructions because they're funny and then send the pattern to a knitting friend and you might get a package in return with...

Bunny Nuggets!!!

Bunny nuggets

I just about died when I opened them up, not just because they've got cute little eyes, or slightly madly wonky ears, or because they're soft and touchable - but because they've got the BEST fluffy tails.

Bunny nugget bums

They've been a huge hit in the house, even going so far as to be spotted in a manly Swandri pocket

Pocket bunny nugget

Mat would probably like me to point out that it's a vintage Swannie that he found for TEN DOLLARS at the Salvation Army in Whanganui op shop in Wangers (he made me change it to that) and it fits him perfectly.  It is his pride and joy. :)


  1. Cute cute... What a lovely friend. I'd be sending her more links, if I was you. You know just in case she feels like sending more surprise parcels!

    Enjoy your weekend. It's rainy here, cold and dismal. I'm headed off to do my printing workshop - can't wait.
    E xxx

  2. i want to commission you to make me another felt rabbit - how small can you make those? i'd love one to put on my bookshelf and bring fond remembrances .. email me.

  3. The bunnies are awfully cute :) I rather like the fabric Mat's shirt is made from!

  4. these are so so cute. i know what it's like to have a project list a mile long...;)

  5. Oh Jen, you get big big points from Mat for noticing that shirt! He bought
    it in NY and loves it to death and is always crushed when no-one comments on
    it. It makes me realise that we don't compliment guys on their clothes
    enough because they really do love it.

  6. Well if I send her too many links she might start sending me more sewing
    links and then it might just get ugly. I like to send them randomly or in
    small clusters, just to keep her on her toes. And I don't always put the
    right subject line in so I can lure her in to reading the email before she
    realises what's going on.

    I would love to have been in your workshop, it looked like fun!



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