10 May, 2010

Kid's Clothes Challenge Day One

It's Monday! First day of the challenge. I promised myself that if I spent the morning writing my lecture on the Neandertals I could sew after lunch. After a bit of hemming and hawing I settled on the Bo Peep skirt as first cab off the rank. It's the one that I've found most challenging in terms of fabric selection (mixing patterns and colours!) and the one I've been most worried about:

Bo Peep WIP 1

After an hour I was at this point with the ruffles sewn on one side panel and the other side ready to assemble:

Bo Peep WIP 2

I couldn't bring myself to stop though as it was both challenging and fun to wrangle those ruffles into a straight line and get them sewn down, and when I'd done that it seemed it was just a short step to get the sides sewn to the front and back panels and then before I knew it I'd hemmed it and got the elastic in :P Probably...2.5 hours all up? Hazel really likes it and so do I - photos to come tomorrow!


  1. I have that Anzac tin, snap! Wish I had that book...

  2. looks like it'll be so cute!

  3. It looks good so far,waiting for more pictures!

  4. It's a fun tin, much better than the one they had out this year for ANZAC
    Day. Not so great for biscuits but handy for my thread - pity it isn't
    bigger! Highly recommend the book, even just to look at, it's gorgeous.



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