03 May, 2010

Handmade Beginnings and other fab announcements

I'm so excited to announce that I'll be hosting Anna Maria Horner on her Handmade Beginnings blog tour!

My date is the 26th of May so look out for a Q & A with Anna and a give-away of a copy of the book. In the meantime you can follow along with the tour as she visits the blogs below AND enter yourself in the fabulous sewing machine giveaway "One winner will receive 1 SINGER® Confidence™ 7470 sewing machine, 5 yards of Anna Maria Horner fabric, a copy of the book Handmade Beginnings: 24 Sewing Projects to Welcome Baby"  Luckily I'm allowed to enter myself in that :) Waaah US residents only I'm afraid - the rules weren't available when I posted this originally.

May 3  Craft
May 4  Indie Fixx
May 5  Sew Mama Sew
May 6  Pink Chalk Studio
May 10  Wise Craft
May 14  House on Hill Road
May 16  The Purl Bee
May 18  All Buttoned Up
May 19  Alabama Chanin Journal
May 20  Homemade by Jill
May 21  True Up
May 22  Oh, Fransson!
May 23  Prudent Baby
May 24  Sew Liberated
May 25  Handmade by Alissa
May 26  Hazelnuts
May 27  Petite Purls

I've also finally got my mysterious project up as my new header. Phew. I'm quite pleased with it on the whole, although the trowel leaves something to be desired. I should think of some other way of doing it, maybe in felt? I did the text straight from the font Stitch and Bitch and the rest is down to my mad embroidery, button and portraiture skillz.

Header detail


  1. Wow and Wow wow! I love your new header too super cool. and Anna Maria Horner - I don't quite understand the tour concept but yaay!!

  2. i LOVE your new header, gorgeous stitching and the buttons in those lovely reds and oranges look awesome too :)

  3. man, you're in good company hosting that legend! Looking forward to the 'visit' :)

  4. Love your new header. It's so wonderful.

    And I'm crazy jealous that Anna Maria is visiting your (virtual) home - I'm sure she's the most wonderful guest to have.
    {Wish I could enter the fabric + sewing machine contest, but it says USA residents only.. boo hoo}.

  5. oh my gosh Jacqui, how exciting!!! I can't wait to see what she has to say. And you new header is soooo amazingingly cool. I love it.

  6. i LOVE your new header!!!! even the little subtle Canada tie in - so cute! And the cat! eee!

  7. JugglingMotherhoodMay 4, 2010 at 9:51 AM

    Love, love, love the unique header!!

  8. That's wonderful news. I must admit though, when I saw that you had a fab announcement and saw the picture I thought it was going to be some other news.........!

  9. Love love love your mad skillz! And AMH...wow! I'll be here with bells on, but promise not to knock down her mama and steal her cap! ;)

  10. Love love love your mad skillz! And AMH - wow! I'll be here with bells on, but promise not to knock over her mama or steal her cap, mkay? ;)

  11. I love the header! Very clever and cute.

  12. Wow I love love love it!!!!
    And what is the deal I look forever for new posts and then you go and sneak in about 4!!!!
    Wouldn't you know it I am up to my eyeballs in Life so I don't have time for a good look through it will have to wait until I'm back to work on Thursday. :(
    Again I lurve your header.

  13. absolutely love your new header! love teh trowel too.. dont go with felt.

  14. Thanks! A blog tour for a book is what an editor friend of mine calls "viral
    marketing" where the publisher gets bloggers to "host" an author as they
    promote their book when it's released. So they've sent me two books - one
    for me and one to give away and I've sent them some questions for the author
    to answer which I'll put up on the 26th. So they get access to my readers
    (gosh that sounds so professional doesn't it!) and promotion and
    word-of-mouth advertising, and I get a free book and promotion of my blog in
    return. I think it's a fun and clever way to do it, especially in a big
    online community like the crafting one.

  15. Thank you! I started out with pinks and whites and pale greens but it wasn't
    right and did it all over again in reds.

  16. Eeeep I know! Thank goodness it's not at my actual house or I'd have to be
    scrubbing and cleaning and organising for days in advance. For a blog you
    just have to finally get around to putting up a new header :)

  17. Thanks! :) And yes, it's a bit overwhelming to be doing this, especially
    when you look a the other hosts on the list. :)) I had to read the initial
    email about it about 3 times before I decided it was real.

    I couldn't access the rules for the giveaway last night when I posted so am
    disappointed about the US residents-only thing. I wonder if I can get my
    brother to enter for me...

  18. Thanks and Eeeee I know! I've sent off my questions so we'll see what she
    has to say. I'm naturally second-guessing them already :)

  19. Thank you! I found that maple leaf at the last minute as I was sorting
    through the buttons and it was a little "bing!" moment, I'm really pleased
    how it fitted in with the other buttons. The cat is Lucy, you'll have to
    bring Zoe over to meet her sometime.

  20. I wish! But much as we'd love to have another, Hazel's our one-and-only :)

  21. I wondered if the Harper's Ferry looking at my blog just now was you! You
    can't hide with that 'live' widget in the sidebar...



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