16 May, 2010

KCWC Days 5 and 6

Ah things are slowing down around here!  What with the late night on Thursday and my birthday on Friday and a party that evening at a friend's, plus a night at the movies last night (Boy, can't recommend it enough! Check out the hilarious Poi E video and the trailers on the movie's site) I haven't gotten in quite as much sewing as I'd have liked. I can't think the last time I did so much socialising!

Days 5 and 6 were the leggings from Clothes for Girls


The weather and lighting weren't so great today so apologies for the yukky photos.  These are very slim-fitting leggings, I had to go up a size and even then they're fairly tight. Nice fit though, and I love the little lace detail on the cuffs.  It's pale pink ribbon over cream lace, the colours have blown out a bit unfortunately.

Leggings cuff

They're made from a heavy knit with good two-way stretch so I'm hoping they'll last out the winter!  Turns out I didn't have any elastic for the waist so that still needs to be done.
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