18 May, 2010

Far Far Away and little French ballerinas

When Lyndy over at Stitchbird announced she was going to be at the Crafternoon Tea market on Saturday I knew it mean that I was destined to get one of her Heather Ross Far Far away quilt bundles to make one for Hazel's bed.  And meet Lyndy too because I enjoy her blog and love her shop!  And oh the fabric is even more beautiful in real life than it is on a computer screen:

Far Far Away

See, it's even better than that.  I'll show you again.

Far Far Away detail

Even better I tell you!

Hazel started to show some fairly alarming acquisitive tendencies in regards to the loose fat quarters of Far Far away, telling me that this one was her favourite, no this one, and this one! So I ended up with four more just to make sure I could get a larger quilt out of it, and then she spotted this very cute little bag made up out of these cotton/linen fabrics:

Spotty ballerinas

The ballerinas are Kokka and the spots (two on the same fabric) are Trèfle.  Needless to say I paid for this lot pretty quickly before she (or I!) could completely lose control - Hazel was pawing through more fat quarters as I wrote out the cheque - it was a close thing.  Personally I was very very taken with the Saffron Craig red and orange fabrics she had there.  Next quilt! 


  1. oh my golly. I hope your husband doesn't read this blog, or know how much fabric costs...
    how beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. and, yes, I'm terribly envious of all that Heather Ross fabric love.
    Enjoy the sewing, or just touching of the fabric!

  2. oooh I can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  3. I love the illustrations on that far far away fabric. It reminds me of the illustrations in the Madeliene stories - you know, 12 little girls in two straight lines...

  4. Ohhhhhhh.... FABRIC!!!!

    It's the primal roar, I tell you. That fabric, all of it, is so, so lovely. What a great quilt that will make!!! I should get some darling fat quarters for the back of my daughter's quilt. Assuming, of course, that I ever get it done. Why, oh why did I agree to sewing TWENTY Sunbonnet Sues?

  5. Oh My GOSH I love those ballerinas. I want that fabric and I don't even sew( well you know sew like a real sewer)

  6. Ohhhh, what dreamy, nummy fabrics! I'm swooning, too. can't wait to see the quilt!

  7. Come to think of it, yes they are quite similar in style!

  8. Neither can I! Oh wait, that means I have to make it doesn't it...

  9. The subject of price came up yesterday and surprisingly he didn't even
    flinch. I did a bit, but then I thought well if you put it like you can
    have a quilt for $140 (less for this fabric but will need batting and
    backing) it sounds pretty reasonable. Most fabric isn't too bad if you think
    of it in terms of the finished product, it's when it's just sitting there in
    a stash that it's expensive in and of itself. Obviously the stuff that's
    $300/m is expensive no matter what you do with it! Does it sound like I've
    spent a lot of time thinking about fabric in general, and what it costs, in
    an effort to justify to myself buying it? Because I have. :))

  10. Oh you sew well enough to manage a bag like this! You should look and see
    if you can find the fabric from closer to home. Try
    _other_2 or http://www.fabricworm.com/kotrbachpili.html for example



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