12 May, 2010

KCWC Day 2 and 3

KCWC Day 2 and 3 WIP, originally uploaded by Hazelnutgirl.

A work in progress! I've refashioned an old cardigan of mine for Hazel and am tarting it up with ruffles and other gew-gaws appropriate for little girls. I think secretly I just really really really wish I could wear things with ruffles but I don't need my bust to look any bigger than it is sadly! I'll finish it off tonight to count for two days of the challenge. I'm actually impressed I managed it because I was planning on biffing it into the 'too hard' basket fairly early on!

I love the fluffy raw edges on the ruffle but if they don't stop unravelling soon it'll drive us all mad with fine, floaty thread everywhere! Mat peered at them doubtfully and said "are the edges supposed to be like that?" Yes they are Man, yes they are.


  1. Someone's using their macro lens!!!

  2. I think the ruffle is great, looks so cute!

  3. That photo makes me want to reach out and touch the ruffles :) Can't wait to see the finished article!

  4. love those! I am a sucker for red, too!

  5. Very cute! Love the stripe/ruffle combination and can't wait to see the whole effect!

  6. OK, now you are inspiring me with these lovely girlie clothes. I never did get around to signing up for Elsie Marley's sew along but I shall sew along anyway after seeing your excellent results so far. Ignore Mat's comments too. The ruffles look very cute.

  7. It feels nice and fluffy, I touched it for you. Ahem.

  8. Me too! Must indoctrinate Hazel into bright colours early in her life :)

  9. It's actually been great doing this, there's no real pressure and an hour a
    day is quite do-able, but despite the lack of pressure I've been happier and
    more relaxed and doing more than I'd normally manage. I hope she does it

  10. Well not the actual proper one but I think I actually like the 17-70mm lens
    for macro - or maybe it's just because I sort of know what I'm doing with
    it! But yes, I doubt I'll ever take an non-macro photo again in my life -
    except for clothes-on-people ones. ;)



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