31 May, 2010

Autumn photographs

We've been having a lot of wet weather here the last week or so, and some pretty spectacular storms that roll over for a brief time, pour, and move on and we repeat that ever half hour or so.  The weather here makes me laugh cynically when people in Edmonton trot out the phrase "if you don't like the weather then wait 5 minutes" because they really have no idea what they're talking about.



There are even a few roses bravely flowering on, it's been a very warm May so I shouldn't be too surprised I suppose!

Autumn rose


  1. very pretty! autumn sounds kind of nice - I think it's over 90 degrees here.

  2. forgot to ask, but how do you like using blogger in draft, did you have to work on the template a lot?

  3. I think "sounds kind of nice" is the operative phrase here - enjoy the heat
    and the photographs of the cold and damp :)

  4. It's pretty good - better than the regular Blogger dashboard. You get lots
    more options to edit your posts/images, although they don't always do what
    you want them to! I guess they really do mean the "in draft" bit. The
    template editor is great, you don't need to fiddle with the html to get what
    you want as much as you do with regular Blogger, however it's still not
    hugely easy to get a really unique look - but let's face it, if you want
    that then you need to pay for it. It didn't take me that long to set mine
    up though and I quite like how it looks. Certainly setting colours is a lot
    easier, and you can make it wider too. The best thing they've just
    introduced is a full-screen preview of your post with your headers and
    sidebar etc. all there.



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