17 May, 2010

KCWC Day 7

To round off the week officially (though I still have a dress to do in the next couple days!) I did this long-sleeved merino top from Burda 9614.  After reading such an awful review of it on Pattern Review I did a test shirt last week and while it came out a size too big it was otherwise just fine so not sure what problem the reviewer was having but it wasn't the pattern.  I made this one up in size 104cm and actually it's STILL too big!  Oh well, she can grow in to it :)  Very boxy pattern though, I had to bring it in quite a bit through the underarm and down the sides, to the tune of about 2cm both sides?  I deliberately made the sleeves and body a bit long to account for any shrinkage which I'm sure, it being wool and all, will happen.  Of course, add that to it being too big anyways and it's very generous in length!  Such gorgeous merino too, it was on sale at Global Fabrics last month for $10/m.  And from the metre I think I used about a 1/4 of that for this top?  I've got some in pink but am considering trying another pattern for it instead.  Or maybe I'll thrash this one into submission, not sure yet!

Crap photos due to the really overcast day we had yesterday, plus taking it quite late in the day

Merino longsleeved tshirt

I was quite nervous about sewing with this fabric as it was much lighter and stretchier than anything I've done previously, but it went together super well and of course since it's wool it ironed beautifully!  The top-stitching was a bit of a dud though, one of the threads I used with the twin needles is too dark and really shows up in contrast to the other one that blends in well.  I may have to redo it so I feel happy about it. Or I may not, sometimes the irritation can't surmount the loathing I have of redoing something! Actually, looking at the photo it looks worse than it does in real life...

Here's Hazel modelling it:

Brown merino and Hazel

She asked me to pick her some flowers for the photo and by sheer chance there were these little pink ones that matched her dancing skirt perfectly! I actually made that a month or so ago but never got around to photographing it. It's from Butterick 6660. Not the greatest pattern to work with (how could it be with a pattern number like that!) but the skirt is so cute and she loves it.


  1. cutie Hazel! and she looks very happy with the whole new top and photo experience. The top looks great - very exciting.

  2. Oh my golly. You have been busy. I'm so pleased to see you got through the week, and made so many wonderful new things for Hazel.
    This photo is fantastic - such a great outfit, and beautiful styling - pink flower props. Yah!
    I'm not going to show this to Mishi, as I know she'll want one exactly the same. Think we saw fabric like that at Spotlight and she oohhed and ahhhhed over it....
    I love chocolate brown and pink - perfect colour combos.

  3. Hi. I was just browsing your blog and spotted the little jacket you made for Hazel out of the circle fabric with the brown background. My daughter has a pinafore of the same fabric that her Mama made for her. I'm trying to make a link to it so I can paste it here and you can have a look but no luck yet. You could see it just by going to my blog though www.frannie-frangipani.blogspot.com

  4. I think I have made the link! http://frannie-frangipani.blogspot.com/p/snapshots.html

  5. That's too funny! Lovely little dress, I really like it. Someone else told
    me they'd found a hat from that fabric in an op-shop in a small town
    somewhere here in NZ, and there was another person who had made some cute
    kid's clothes from it as well. I'd love to know where it orginated from,
    but was obviously very popular here in NZ. I got mine from Global Fabrics
    here in Auckland.

  6. Yeah, the dotty stuff is tulle from Spotlight :) Totally impractical for
    day-wear but tell that to a 4 year old!



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