30 May, 2010

A Hazel orginal

The other day when I was deeply involved with the Kid's Clothing Week Challenge Hazel was determined to keep me company and to work on something of her own and she began to make a stuffed toy.  She drew out the shape and the face and attached the arms and legs, and then needed some help with turning into an three-dimensional toy.  Then she helped me sew it up and told me what eye, mouth and hair colour to use.  It's based on how she usually draws herself

Hazel May 2010 small

And here is her toy

Hazel's stuffed toy

She really likes and refers to it as "me".


  1. Great toy, but I really love her drawing! The bird and sun are so cute :)

  2. What a cute new friend!
    I love turning kids drawings into softies. Often when the kids want me to make them something (a bag, a dress, a toy, or anything really) I get them to draw what they want.

  3. The whole 'drawing into softie' thing is something I'd always meant to do
    but never got around to it, so I was pleased Hazel took matters into her own
    hands! She knew what she wanted, she just couldn't figure out how to make
    it 3D.

    Ages ago I got her to draw some clothes she'd like me to make but I'm not
    sure where they went - they were great but totally unworkable (by me
    anyways!) Perhaps she's be a bit more conventional if I asked her again...

  4. I like the drawing best too, I love how she's getting more detailed with the
    environment around her but she's still just a big head with pigtails :) I
    will be so sad when a body gets added.



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