14 May, 2010

It's my birthday!

re-ment cake madness, originally uploaded by Gigi & Big Red.

And really, that's all I have to say :) I'm not even going to beat around the bush about it, I'm 42 and while I'm pretty ok with it I have to admit that finding out the new Prime Minister of Great Britain is only a year older than me was a bit sobering :) Anyways, I've eaten too much and I was up until 1:30 am this morning working on a lecture so I'm pretty much feeling my age at the moment. Is 8pm too old-lady to go to bed?

No I can't, I've got an hour of sewing to do and some reading of my new Ottobre magazines! I ordered them less than a couple weeks ago so I pretty pleased to find them in my mailbox this evening. They said up to 3 months, perhaps they say that so you feel really impressed when they come fast. On the other hand I ordered 3 issues of Stitch almost 6 weeks ago and nothing yet :( The nice customer service people said they'd send replacements after 6 weeks but darn it, I wanted them asap for all the crafty goodness! I think this would be the first time anything I've bought online has gone missing in the mail so I suppose I shouldn't be too down about it.

What I AM down about is the scroll function on my mouse suddenly disappearing. I had no idea how much I used it until it was gone. I don't know if it's my computer suddenly deciding not to recognise that bit of the software (it does that sometimes) or the mouse. I guess the mouse would be cheaper to replace...


  1. Happy birthday!! I'm going to bed now too.

  2. Happy B-Day and I just get up to face another day of work *lol*
    And you are a springchicken, because I'm 10 years longer on this world.
    So don't feel bad
    Hugs Gunda

  3. Hey, happy birthday! And congratulations on that yummy skirt you made.
    Also, I am 38 (which, as I keep telling my mom, is very, very young), and I *dream* about getting to bed at 6. So 8 is just fine.

  4. Happy Birthday! 8pm sounds like a great time to get to bed... I'm very tempted to try that tonight myself :-)

  5. happy birthday!
    hope your day was fabulous!

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!

  7. happy b-day!

  8. Hippiest, Happiest, Hoppiest Birthday Wishes to you. I do hope you had/have a lovely day and ate lots of yummy cake and special things.
    E xxx

  9. happy birthday (sorry a bit late!)

  10. Thank you! I didn't feel particularly spring-ish that morning after a very
    late night before, but have perked up considerably after eating a lot of

  11. I've been trying to go to be early for years, I can't really blame this
    particular birthday!

  12. Cake and gift vouchers for my favourite fabric shop count as lovely for



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