14 February, 2011

Valentine's Cards

I don't think Valentine's is as big a deal here in NZ as it is in North America - less institutionalised anyways. I asked Hazel's teacher what her policy was on cards and she was quite taken-aback and said she didn't really have one; but that we didn't have to give one out to everyone and that kids had to learn that sometimes they'd miss out on things like that. Fair enough but I'm glad it's Hazel who has to hand them out because they're only going to the girls! She's under strict instructions to be tactful with it too - although considering I had to explain what tactful was, and she IS 5 years old, I'm not entirely sure how it will go! Anyways, she's keen about it and they are pretty damned cute.

I saw the idea at Jenn Parker Photography and Hazel was all over it from the moment I showed her.

Valentine's 2011

Very simple and very effective, although I think a flatter lollipop would have caused less distortion to the photo. Of course she wanted the big round ones for herself so there was no way she was settling for less on the off-chance there would be extras (there were).

ETA: she managed to hand out about half of them, apparently she "ran out of time" for the rest. Actually that's more than I thought she'd manage, she's quite shy with that kind of thing and has only been at school with some of the girls for a week. OR she just wanted the lollipops for herself...


  1. seriously cute - what a great idea

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