23 February, 2011

Softies for Christchurch

As many of you probably know, Christchurch down in the South Island of New Zealand suffered a devastating earthquake yesterday afternoon, with much loss of life and destruction of infrastructure and so many beautiful old buildings and homes. It's really heartbreaking, and although I'm safe and sound in Auckland I, like most Kiwis, are finding the images and stories hard to deal with.  Leonie at Kiwi at Heart has started a softies drive for the kids in Christchurch, much as has been done for the survivors of the Queensland and Victorian floods. If you'd like to get involved pop over to the blog and leave your name!

1 comment:

  1. Jacqui thanks so much for this - I've been looking for some tangible way to help - and some way to use this anxious energy for good. But I hadn't heard about it before I visited you - hooray!



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