16 February, 2011

Phone cover (aka 'Well bugger')

And you know what, I did measure twice and cut once and it's STILL too short.

Echino iPhone cover

Oh well, it's a simple enough pattern (via Jenna Designs) so I'll add another cm to the length and try again!

Echino iPhone cover

I won't change a thing about the fabric though, it's perfection. I used Echino Collage Stripe in Cool for the front...

Echino iPhone cover

...and the same fabric in Fresh for the back.

I'm kind of annoyed at the waste of time and resources though, I'm going to see what I can do to make it useful.


I made up another one in the same fabrics with an extra cm in length and it's perfect. I left out the elastic at the top this time, I don't think it's necessary as the cover fits fairly snugly.

iPhone cover mark II

Unfortunately I couldn't get a bird in without wasting a huge amount of fabric (fussy cutting stresses me at the best of times!) but I did end up with a butterfly on the back.

iPhone cover mark II

Boy my stitching looks distinctly dodgy in the photos but not nearly as bad in person. My machine hates sewing really thick layers so close to the edges, even with the walking foot. And the foot has a tendency to get caught on corners which doesn't help. Funny how it stands out so much more in the photo though, I couldn't live with it if it really looked like that!

Here are my measurements for a iPhone 4 (with a thin case) using the tutorial at One Shabby Chick - they include a 5mm seam allowance and a 2-3 topstitching allowance:

Two outside pieces, two lining pieces and two batting
Width 9.4 cm
Length 14.0 cm

The only difference from the tutorial is that I did it with two separate pieces, sewn together along three sides. To be honest I only did that because I didn't read the tutorial right and see that she folded a long piece in two and only had two seams!


  1. Frankly, I think it is perfect. I made one lately and it fitted `perfectly´; which means it is a bugger to get my phone OUT... Too deep. So there you have it. It is perfect, really :)

  2. Oh I love it...I have serious iphone envy (am accidentally on purpose trying to sabotage my blackberry so i can become one of the cool kids!) and the iphone/echino combo just makes me bliss out!
    ....and I too have palpitations about fussy cutting and fabric wastage! lol

  3. Does anyone know where I can find a cell phone cover for my cell phone?



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