20 February, 2011


I'm a bit slow on the uptake sometimes, and while I've been reading posts here and there about Pinterest I hadn't really thought much about what it was. I know Tumblr has been around for ages but I'd never really felt much of an urge to jump on that bandwagon for some reason; but Pinterest suddenly took my fancy and I signed up! Well actually what you do, if you haven't been invited, is submit your name to be invited. I figured it would be months before anything happened, but it took about 24 hours or so.  Pinterest is essentially a site where you can store images of things you find as you troll through the internet. The only drawback I can find to it (other than possibly too much inspiration) is that if you read your blogs via feeds and they use Feedburner or something like that, you don't get a proper attribution link and have to actually visit the site in person. I know, how awful right? ;)

I'm slowly adding pins, but it looks a bit thin on the ground at the moment! I'm sure it'll fill up fairly quickly though :) There would be more, but I've recently moved over to a new computer and I decided to start with a clean 'bookmarks' menu so I don't actually have most of the gazillion of things I'd collected in the last few years. And sadly, I rather think I won't even miss them much at all - how often did I ever really go back into all those folders and find something anyways? Pinterest gives you those visual clues that are missing with bookmarks and I think it's going to be great.


  1. Love your pinboards, especially with white floors and vintage sheet quilts! I've been wondering whether my husband would forgive me if I painted our kauri floors white one day (would probably end in divorce :)

  2. Do you have any more invites? I desperately want one!



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